Sample Transactions by team members:

SW Florida Multifamily Apartment Acquisitions- (2011-13)

Partnered with Operator and raised over $50 million in preferred equity capital from private fund that was used to purchase, renovate, and operate numerous Class B and C multifamily apartment buildings in SW Florida. Since Exited.

Small Cap Financing- (2012-13)

-Direct purchase of $2 million in distressed debt from bond holder and worked with public company to created alternative solution to extinguish debt and lower balance sheet liability. Since Exited

Merchant Cash Advance Company-

-Syndicate alongside operators & originators of  merchant advance receivables.

Michigan Dental Group- (2010-14)

– multi-practice roll up DSO located in SE Michigan- Acquired. Active Shareholder.

Wholesale Distributor (2012-2017)

-Invested and partnered with owner operator. Helped finance above industry growth and led acquisition of two smaller distributors. Revenue growth of 15x since initial investment. Since Acquired. Active Shareholder


Bridge Lending Finance

Forward purchase agreement with numerous hedge funds for regional real estate rehab and rental loans.  Currently operate licensed Florida lending company in for non-owner occupied residential real estate. 

Select Investments:

Refresh Funding – Alternative Residential Real Estate Licensed Lender in Florida

SSDD, LLC- Dental Real Estate Holdings based in Midwest

KH Capital- Merchant Cash Advance Funding

Group 10 SouthEast-  Auction purchase / fix and flip operation focused on SE Florida.