When I first started hearing about the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) back in 2011-2012, I immediately felt it would be a game changer. The promise that a whole range of people would now have access to opportunities normally reserved for professional investors and financial institutions sounded incredibly exciting. It represented a move toward the democratization of finance.

In 2012, I wrote a short business plan where I laid out my thoughts for why I thought Crowd Financing represented an amazing opportunity for Real Estate. It would allow average investors to be a part of local or non-local real estate deals that could be managed by local, reputable sponsors. For example, if I was a non-professional who wanted to have exposure to real estate in North Carolina, but I lived in Michigan, crowdfunding platforms could make that a reality. People initially laughed me away when I proposed buying real estate online, but I immediately started moving forward on the concept.

My biggest fear in starting the company didn’t lie in the validity of the concept – the concept was not dissimilar from what people referred to as syndication in the world of real estate. My biggest fear was that the powers that be, as usual, would take ages to iron out the laws and map out how this concept would work in theory and in practice. As a FINRA registered broker, I had a feeling this “new world” would not only be a Congressional issue, but no doubt would need SEC approval before being enacted into law. I didn’t want to commit a lot of time, money and effort towards a concept that didn’t have a clear start date. So, I decided to continue doing what I was doing until there was more clarity on how to proceed.

In the summer of 2013, I was with a childhood friend in Michigan when he asked if he could give me some money that I could invest on his behalf in the type of assets and products I was already investing in. He was not the first person who had made that request of me, but something struck me differently with his request, as I still had the crowd-funding concept in the back of my mind. So I sat him down and told him about my concept of syndication through the web (in other words, Crowd funding). His eyes lit up, and he kept asking when something like this would be available. His excitement convinced me that it was time for me to jump into this full on.

I made the decision to move forward with launching the business in August of 2013. My professional background and experience was in cash flow investing, so I decided to create a crowd platform for different types of cash flow products: Structured settlements, tax liens, real estate notes and legal finance products. It’s the stuff we knew and have been investing our own capital in for numerous years

I began the journey to find the right partners to help put this together: from lawyers, programmers, broker-dealers, to origination partners of different investments types. Today, we have a solid team both on and off line that will bring years of experience to all aspects of the site.

Our goal is to be a marketplace where buyers and sellers of future cash flows could gather. Where those with future payments can get needed liquidity today and those with extra capital at hand can put it to work earning solid risk adjusted returns. It’s a goal that will allow technology and the broad reach of the internet to allow for the intersection of capital demand (seller of future cash flow) and capital supply (the investors looking for a future rate of return). The concept introduces efficiency for both buyer and seller and that’s why I know there is a marketplace for it.

We are about to beta launch our marketplace and are tremendously excited to be able to bring Yield Crowd to the world. Our vision is for a “win-win” business – our belief is that Yield Crowd can generate value to all our stakeholders: Investors, Sellers, our Team and society.